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Transaction Types

No.Transaction TypeType CodeDescription
0Coinbase0x00The first transaction in the block is a Coinbase transaction, which is used to distribute miners’ rewards and DPOS profits, etc.
1RegisterAsset0x01RegisterAsset transaction. The main chain only supports ELA asset.
2TransferAsset0x02TransferAsset transaction. Whether the output category area is a voting transaction
5SideChainPow0x05SideChainPow transaction, which is used to transfer the consensus of main chain to POW side chain of block generation.
6RechargeToSideChain0x06There is no such transaction in the main chain, which is defined in the main chain (cross-chain recharge transaction tx2 on the old DID chain) for keeping the same transaction type with the old DID chain.
7WithdrawFromSideChain0x07Cross-chain withdrawal transaction (tx4)
8TransferCrossChainAsset0x08TransferCrossChainAsset transaction (tx1)
9RegisterProducer0x09RegisterProducer transaction
10CancelProducer0x0aTransaction of canceling DPOS candidate node
11UpdateProducer0x0bTransaction of updating DPOS candidate node information
12ReturnDepositCoin0x0cTransaction of retrieving DPOS deposit
13ActivateProducer0x0dOrder-taking transaction of activating inactive or illegal’s DPOS
14IllegalProposalEvidence0x0eConfirm the evidence that the proposal is illegal in the block consensus
15IllegalVoteEvidence0x0fConfirm the evidence of illegality voting on the proposal in the block consensus
16IllegalBlockEvidence0x10Block consensus shows evidence that forked blocks are illegal.
18InactiveArbitrators0x12Batch inactive transactions of DPOS nodes
19UpdateVersion0x13Not used (code is used to set the transaction that supports producer inactive block interval)
20NextTurnDPOSInfo0x14NextTurnDPOSInfo transaction, which is used to record the information of the personnel on duty in the next round of DPOS.
21RecordProposalResult0x15Record whether the result of the proposal review period and referendum period for reserving short names is passed (the version will be expanded later)
22RegisterCR0x21Transaction of registering CR member
23UnregisterCR0x22Transaction of registering CR member
24UpdateCR0x23Transaction of updating CR member information
25ReturnCRDepositCoin0x24Transaction of retrieving deposit of CR members
26CRCProposal0x25Proposal issuance transaction. There will be a one-week review period and a one-week referendum period after the issuance.
27CRCProposalReview0x26Proposal review transaction, which is used to express review opinions and results on proposals during the review period.
28CRCProposalTracking0x27ProposalTracking transaction, which is used to track the progress of the proposal in execution.
29CRCAppropriation0x28CR member ProposalAppropriation Transaction
30CRCProposalWithdraw0x29Proposal application withdrawal transaction, through which the proposal owner can withdraw the money in the proposal stage.
31CRCProposalRealWithdraw0x2aProposal withdrawal and loan transaction. The transaction of withdrawing money according to the application proposal and the real loan transaction on the chain.
32CRAssetsRectify0x2bAsset arrangement transaction, which is used to reduce loose change for CR asset address to avoid excessive scattered utxo.
33CRCouncilMemberClaimNode0x31CR member claims operating DPOS node transaction.
34RevertToPOW0x41Degenerate to POW consensus transaction
35RevertToDPOS0x42Recover DPOS consensus transaction
36ReturnSideChainDepositCoin0x51ReturnSideChainDepositCoin transaction. When cross-chain recharge fails, the money of frozen address can be returned to the user.